1. Illegal Usage
Using illegal software to edit features, levels, user info or resources may result in permanent account block or harsher disciplinary actions without warning.
Abnormal Gem acquisitions will be immediately retaken, as well as in cases of acquisition outside of normal store transactions. User account will also be subject to disciplinary actions.
This game does not acknowledge transactions between accounts, and does not offer protection against accounts in which such problems may occur.

2. Account Loss and Management
You can only load your account via login with Google Play or Game Center. This information has already been notified to you during initial game install.
You can link with only one account on Google Play or Game Center.
If you cannot load your account despite being connected to Google Play or Game Center, please inform us of your user nickname, guild name, level, CS code, precise situation, etc. through our support contact. Your query may not be processed without sufficient information.

3. Network Problems
This game requires network connection for smooth gameplay.
We cannot support you on game results due to your network problems. This game provides real-time PvP as a main content, and thus we recommend gameplay in a stable network environment.

4. Updates and Balance Patches
New heroes and episodes are constantly being prepared. We strive to do our best to ensure your pleasure.
This game has seasonal balance patches. We hope you understand that the patches are made for overall enjoyment of the game and may not necessarily reflect the direction you desire.

5. Contact Us
Please send us an email to the email address below if you want to contact us.

6. Parental Advisory
This game is for ages 13 and up. Please restrict a child younger than 13 from playing this game.
Refer to the Transaction section for problems regarding transactions.
If you have other questions about this game as a legal guardian, see the Contact Us section for more.

7. Transaction and Resource Usage
This game can be played for free, but the user may also make in-app purchases. This purchase can be prevented by disabling the purchase function of the mobile phone in its settings.
Item purchase refunds are generally not allowed. However, exceptions that are permitted by the market exist, and thus you may request refunds to the appropriate market after referring to the refund policy of the market from which you made your purchase. Requests not covered in the policy may be refused.
If you have problems regarding the market account, transactions, etc., please contact the appropriate market ’s support center for solutions.
If a purchased item was not normally acquired, please wait for a certain period of time or restart the game. If these methods prove ineffective, please contact us. If the problem seems to be due to market connection, contact the market ’s support center.
Gems already spent cannot be changed easily. We advise you to be prudent in your Gem spending, as Gems already spent cannot be refunded.
If you have any other questions, see the Contact Us section and let us know. We will do our best to provide you with optimal gameplay.

8. App Errors
If you experience failure in logging in with Facebook, please try again or restart the app. This may be due to temporary Facebook delays.
If the app freezes or shuts down, please check to see if the device ’s OS version is up to date. Furthermore, please end all apps that are currently running.
If there is no sound, check the in-game settings or the volume status of your device.
The push alarm can be disabled from the device ’s settings.
If you wish to stop synching with Google Play or Game Center, send us an email with detailed user information.
If you want to delete your account, send us an email with detailed user information. Once deleted, the account cannot be restored, and the company is not held responsible for the deleted user account information.