Terms of Service

Date of Enforcement for the Terms of Service: January 8, 2024
Last Modifications to the Terms of Service: January 8, 2024

This Terms of Service defines the rights, duties, responsibilities and other items of matter between Finalflow (hereinafter “Company ”) and you (hereinafter “You ”, or “User ”) regarding the game service provided by the Company.

You must agree to this Terms of Service and the Private Information Protection Policy before installing the service. You may not use the service if you do not agree to the said conditions, and if you do create an account in the service, you are deemed to have agreed to the said service of this Terms of Service.

The Company holds the right to change, modify, add and remove rights from this Terms of Service as necessary, and its effects are enforced from the date of the Last Modification notice. Should the Terms of Service be changed, the Company shall notify this via website or in-game notification, and must announce it 7 days prior to its application(30 days prior, should the changes affect the Users ’rights and duties in a severe, negative matter). Using this service continuously after the said changes is considered as agreeing to the said Terms of Service.

This Terms of Service is provided in English as default, and may be translated into other languages.

1. Service Rights

The service provided by the Company must only be used for non-commercial, entertainment purposes, and the User cannot use this service for any other purposes.

When using this service, the security of information such as the login information the User selected or entered is the User ’s responsibility, and leakage or security failures regarding such information is not held accountable by the Company.

This game is prohibited for those of ages less than 13. If you are a legal guardian, you must not allow a child younger than 13 years to connect to or use this game.

2. Account Management

The Company may instantly deny service, delete accounts, etc. of the User without prior notice regarding accounts or Users that are determined to have been involved in harmful actions towards the service. The Company holds the right to decide what constitutes said harmful actions, and is not required to compensate for the account status, account information, purchased items, etc. of a previous User should his/her account has been blocked and deleted as a disciplinary measure for the harmful actions.

The Company holds the right to unsubscribe accounts that have been dormant for 180 days or longer.

The Company holds the right to discontinue the service in total or partially anytime. All content information of the Users may be deleted along with service discontinuation, and the Company is not responsible for refunds, rewards or compensations regarding said discontinuation. However, the Company shall notify the Users 1 month in advance, should the service discontinuation be decided.

3. Property Ownership Within Service

The Users must agree that, except for the right of service use, the Users do not have any ownership of all in-game contents. All rights regarding the Users ’account information belongs to the Company, and the Users may use the service during the service period decided by the Company.

All information created by the User and transmitted to the client program such as chats and nicknames may not harm the service, and may be limited in service for the User as seen fit by the Company, provided that the Company decides such information is harmful.

4. User-Created Information

The Company is not required to monitor or observe all in-game information created by the User. However, the Company shall strive to technically defend against contents that may be harmful to the service.

The Company is not responsible for any damages caused to individual Users due to in-game information created by a User, and as such the Company strongly advises that the Users refrain from transmitting any and all important information in-game.

5. Purchases

The User may purchase virtual items, products, etc. via the Company ’s service. The purchase fee limit is decided by the market ’s electronic transaction provider ’s policies and transaction is processed accordingly. Furthermore, differences from actual billing may occur due to exchange rates, operator fees, etc.

Only the User who purchased the items or products within the service of the Company has the right to use said items or products. Any and all secondary sales or transactions between Users are disallowed. Any such actions or attempts at such actions are considered harmful actions.

If a User cancels a purchase, the Company shall retake or delete the virtual item or product that was canceled in its purchase. The Company shall process request for cancelation or other necessary refund procedures to the market operator within 3 business days of said retake or deletion of the virtual items or products, and should the operator delay the refund procedure, a delay interest, which is to be the delay interest rate multiplied by the delay period, shall be provided in accordance with relevant laws.

The Company may change or delete a product it is selling via the service at anytime, and is not held responsible for any related matters.

If the Company completely discontinue the service, or the service is discontinued due to the decision of the Users, the Company is not responsible for any compensation regarding the deletion of the Users ’purchased products that occurs as a result.

6. Service Use Guarantee

The Company does not guarantee that the service it provides is available to the User at any and all time or place. The Company is not responsible for temporary discontinuation and maintenance of the service or service errors. However, the Company shall strive to provide a stable service.

7. Service Rights Transference

The Company may transfer or appoint all or part of the service to another individual or enterprise without the Users ’consent.

Any and all contents that are not based upon this Terms of Service or documents officially created by the Company employee in charge of the Terms of Service have no validity in modifying said Terms of Service.

8. Service Notifications

The Company shall post the enforcement and changes of this Terms of Service on its website, and either post the contents in-game or provide a link for said contents. The User must notify the Company via written mail, and any other notifications shall have no legal validity.

9. Legal Disputes

This Terms of Service is regulated and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and all lawsuits arising from disputes between the Company and the User shall be submitted to a court decided by relevant legislations.

10. Exemption from Responsibilities

The Company is exempt from all matters that are caused by uncontrollable, unreasonable circumstances, such as times of war, instances of force majeure, emergencies, technical issues impossible to resolve with the current state of technology, etc., in which it cannot continue the service.

Effective Date: January 8, 2024 (Modified)